Invisidoor, moderne houten binnendeur, dubbele Blokdeur, zonder kozijn, Studio Steel, Kapellen, regio Antwerpen, Vlaanderen

Block Door

In contrast to traditional residential doors, the Block Door prevails in modern, minimalist homes. With the door frame and hinges concealed invisibly, this provides the ultimate solution for a sleek interior!

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Block doors are the latest trend in interior doors. They are placed seamlessly into the wall, without any framing, so they blend in perfectly with the rest of the wall. The result is a beautiful, smooth and seamless whole that transforms any space and offers a contemporary look.

Create an interior that flows seamlessly and evokes a feeling of spaciousness and style with our beautiful Invisidoors. Welcome to the world of block doors!

Blokdeuren, deuren zonder chambrant, deuren zonder omlijsting, Invisidoors, Studio Steel, Kapellen, regio Antwerpen, Vlaanderen


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In the manufacturing of steel doors


Premium quality

12 Weeks

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Enkele Invisidoor, witte blokdeur zonder kozijn, Studio Steel, Kapellen, regio Antwerpen, Vlaanderen
Groene Invisidoors, meerdere houten binnendeuren, naadloos in de muur, zonder kozijn, zonder omlijsting, Studio Steel, Kapellen, regio Antwerpen, Vlaanderen
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Glass & Handles

With our steel doors we attach great importance to the finishing with an eye for detail. That is why we offer a wide choice of handles and glass finishes.

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