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Pivoting Door

Steel Pivot doors are the perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality. These fluid doors rotate on their vertical axis without a frame, allowing them to effortlessly open inwards and outwards in line with your movements.

Our pivot doors are equipped with an intelligent lock stop system that closes the door automatically. With their smooth, user-friendly movement and an inviting 90-degree angle, our Pivot doors provide an unparalleled experience. Their durability and longevity are well known, making them an excellent investment for your home or business premises.

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Thanks to our advanced pump system from Argenta or Fritsjurgen, the pump is no longer installed in the floor. This means that our doors can be safely installed in rooms with underfloor heating. The door installation will never come into contact with the underfloor heating. This way you are assured of a problem-free installation and years of enjoyment from your STUDIO STEEL steel door.

When you choose our pivot door with its unique construction, very wide door openings are no longer a challenge. Placing the pivot further from the wall gives your door a majestic appearance and even makes it appear to float in your doorway.

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Glass & Handles

With our steel doors we attach great importance to the finishing with an eye for detail. That is why we offer a wide choice of handles and glass finishes.

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